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FAQ’s about Medical Equipment Solutions (MES) as Company
FAQ’s about Contacts.
FAQ’s about Quality and Certifications.
FAQ’s about MES Products.
FAQ’s about Technology and General Information.
FAQ’s about Medical or Lung Ventilators.
FAQ’s about MES as a Company.
What are your Bank Particulars?
Our Bank : State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
Address : Sector -5 , Rohini, Delhi-110085
Beneficiery : M/s Medical Equipment Solutions
What is a SSI Unit ?
Small Scale Industrial Unit which are having machinery investment up to 1 Crore (10 Million INR) . Govt of India registers unit as an SSI unit after completing many formalities and norms. Medical Equipment Solutions is a registred and approved SSI unit. This process of naming SSI is done under MSME Ministry of Govt of India. Auditors from Government evaluate plant and machinery before granting Certificates. MES is registered SSI unit with Certifications for Part 1 & 2 , in complete.
What is NSIC ?
National Small Industries Corporation is autonomous Public Sector Unit , under Government of India for promotion of SSI units for various assistance. Medical Equipment Solutions is a NSIC registered company for marketing of all the products manufactured by its for export and Domestic Government Purchase. MES has qualified for single Point Registration.
What is Customer base for MES (Medical Equipment Solutions) ?
Medical Equipment Solutions is in business of selling Medical Equipment and Hospital Furniture and Services for more than 7 years and during these period have supplied to various Domestic Government and Private Buyers in Northern India and have exported through business associates.
Where all the Products of MES are Manufactured ?
At Medical Equipment Solutions we manufacturer Hospital Furniture, Nursery Care Medical Equipment , Operation Theatre Light & Table at our own factory , Electronic PWAS are processed at our Delhi Set ups , and alternatively at OEM/ ODM vendors . We integrate and do all quality checks at our own factory premises. Electronic PWA;s are for Bubble Generating CPAP, Electro Surgical Cautery/ Surgical Diathermy and other Medical Electronics Products.
Do you supply other Medical Equipment also which is not showing in your Website?
Yes , for Customer’s convenience we undertake to supply on turn - key basis for various Medical Equipment. All Physiotherapy Equipment and appliances are manufactured on our specs at one of our outsourced factory of our business associates .We imports various Modules, Kits and Medical Equipment to provide complete solutions to customers.
Why to buy products manufactured by Medical Equipment Solutions ?
MES products are quality certified and endorsed by Government bodies. We have list of satisfied users for last 7 years. MES promoters are Engineers who understands requirement of Medical Devices in better ways. MES have developed these products after through research and market intelligence input. Specifications of products are as per International Standards and based on measureable parameters.
What is innovative approach adopted by Medical Equipment Solutions ?
At MES we have developed testing zigs and protocols over last 7 years , one of our associate company is in calibration business for last 12 years and were instrumental in helping Hospitals to achieve best certifications in its category. At MES we keep on studying market requirement and clinical applications to evolve our manufactured goods.
How old is Medical Equipment Solutions as a Company , How many years into Business ?
Medical Equipment Solutions was incorporated as Proprietorship Company , owner being Woman Engineer Entrepreneur ,in September , 2005. However Promoters of the company’s are in Medical Equipment Industry for more than 20 Years. Our factory shifted from Industrial Area in Bawana, Delhi to Modern Industrial Estate at Bahadurgarh, in Delhi-NCR region in 2011, for want of bigger space and heavy Plant & Machinery. Production begins at new set up in August, 2011. After this NSIC certifications were received for products range in Manufacturing.
How you manage your Products Range ?
Over a period of time we have developed OEM/ ODM Vendors for various Sub-activities and integrate to do all quality tests within our factory premises. We have 3 ancillary Production units attached to us who supply sub-assembly of the products. For Bulk orders we have tied up with small and micro enterprises to outsource sub assembly productions. Medical Equipment Solutions employs significant number of man power on contract basis. At MES we ensures each and every products to be as per set and defined quality norms.
FAQ’s about Contacts.
How can I contact Medical Equipment Solutions ?
You can Contact Medical Equipment Solutions by E-mail, Fax, and Phone, can follow us on facebook, tweeter , by skype account and our team online that you can reach at our website. For any reasons, use any of the following methods:
E-Mail :,
Phone : (011)- 47540546 , 42466606
Fax : 011-47540546
Mobile No- 9811841030 , 9811866606 , 9212322111, 9268574489- 98 ( 10 Lines )
How can I get a Quotation for the MES products I intends to buy ?
Please “click here” to fill the Request of Quotation form. Also you can send your requirement at,, or you can call us at skype@allwinmedi or can call us at any of the mobile number : 9811841030, 9212322111, 9811866606, 9289574489 – 98 ( 10 lines ) , whatever is convenient to you .
How can I see products manufactured by Medical Equipment Solutions ?
Medical Equipment Solutions or MES (INDIA) offers you a wide range of Hospital Furniture, Nursery care Medical Equipments & OT Lights & Tables , Ventilator complete range , Patient Multiparameter Monitor, Electro Surgical Units / Surgical Diathermies , Pulse Oximeter , Physiotherapy Equipment etc You can see though our product catalogue, download it directly from the website and print the products as leaflets. Upon your request we can send you hard printed copies of catalogue. For Domestic buyers we are ready to demonstrate our products at our factory site or if convenient at Customer premises. Call us at 9811841030, 9811866606 for Demonstrations .
How can I get your Price List / Catalogue for the Products promoted by MES ?
Please “click here” to fill the Request for Price List & Catalogue. or alternatively mail us at ,
Any questions related to MES Products , Sizes , Customization, your own Specifications?
Email us at, or can call us at skype@allwinmedi, or can contact us on our Mobile Number : 9811841030, 9212322111, 9811866606, 9268574489 whatever is convenient to you ,
FAQ’s about Certifications and Quality.
Do you have ISO 9001?
Yes, MES obtained an ISO 9001:2008 certifications from reputed Jas-ANZ registrar for Manufacturing, Exporting , Importing of Medical Equipment and Hospital Furniture at 1902, Modern Industrial Estate, Part-B, Bahadurgarh-124507.
Whether MES manufactured Hospital Furniture & Medical equipment are CE certified ?
Yes , all the products manufactured by MES are CE certified by reputed UK registrar.
We also imports products , KITS , Analysers , Modules which are CE 0120 certified by worlds renown SGS registrar.
How making of Hospital Furniture differs with automated machines Vs manual process ?
It ensures proper sizes, long life, In manual process there is variations in unit to unit .When many components made with manual process are fabricated to-gather , hardly size matches and there are many mis-matches in a single assembled unit. At MES , we used pipe bending machines and Power Press for fabrication to ensure sticking to specifications with almost zero variance.
Whether quality certify products CE/FDA/GMP are expensive?
It is myth , Volume productions makes products cheap although certifications is done only after following certain basic norms and procedures , process adopted that way is bound to be costly.
At MES we offer guarantee for lowest price for Bulk Orders.
What is IEC ?
International Electro Commission , it has laid certain basic norms and safe limits for electro-medical equipments. ISI in India covers all the aspects of IEC norms. At MES we follows specifications laid down by ISI/ BIS standards for out product and procedures.
How ISO is related to medical equipment /products quality ?
Directly there is no relation , but quality management only can produce quality products.
What is CE Standard ?
Compliance to European standards, It can be granted as notified or non-notified Certifications. Generally Hospital Furniture and Elecro-Medical equipment comes in Class -1 for Non-notified CE certifications. Notified CE certificates is a must for exporting to European Countries only. In India all manufacturers of class -1 products prefers Non-Notified CE certifications because of low cost and hassels. Medical Equipment Solutions products are CE certified by reputed registrar and well approved in various Government Supplies.
How to check performance of Medical Equipments ?
Routine calibration and checking of parameters at regular interval. A quality certified products are certainly better than non-standardized medical equipment. At MES we have protocols for testing and checking parameters on regular intervals.
What are regulations for manufacturers for Hospital Furniture /Medical Equipments in India ?
As on date ( Oct, 2011) Standard regulations are not implemented specifically for Hospital Furniture, however very shortly MDRA ( Medical Device Regulations Act-2005 ) is on the way for implementation. It is strong need of hour for these types of regulations so that only Quality products are manufactured .At Medical Equipment Solutions we found ourselves readies to comply with the act .
How to evaluate Certifications for MES products ?
We encourage to check all the quality Certificates and same can be downloaded from our website after getting approved PASSWORDS from MES .
FAQ’s about MES Hospital Furniture.
What are main factor which decides cost of Hospital Furniture ?
Only two main factors are cost of raw materials and process involved in making a Hospital furniture. There are many of types of raw material available as on date , for example even in SS , there are many types of grades. Mild Steel is available in three ranges. At MES we outsourced best raw material and have parameters available with us to cross check it. NSIC also assists in raw –material procurement from India ‘s top producers of steel viz SAIL, NALCO, BALCO, TATA, etc.
What is KDC related to Hospital Furniture ?
Knock-down construction (KDC ) is very frequently used term for export purposes where complete unit can be dismantled easily for better packaging and lesser freight charges purposes. If Hospital Furniture or Nursery Equipment are manufactured in KDC construction then it becomes easy to pack and handle the goods for overseas customers. MES has developed KDC products after doing design work for last 7 years.
What is SS / MS construction for Hospital Furniture ?
Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel is used invariably for making Hospital Furniture.SS furnitures is rust free and requires special process for fabrication. For MS furnitures if good processing is done before powder Coating then it also lasts for years. There is price difference in MS and SS furnitures. MES offers boty types of Hospital Furniture as per Customer Requirements.
What type of Stainless steel used in Hospital Furniture ?
SS of 202 grade, 304 grades are used for Hospital Furniture.
What delays delivery / making of Hospital Furniture ?
If a manufacturing unit out-sources various process , it delays overall process. Generally many units do not have in house powder coating plants and fabrication machinery within the unit . We have installed in house Powder Coating Plant and a Eco –friendly DG set to ensure timely Delivery. At MES we undertake to stick to schedule of committed delivery.
FAQ’s about Technology and General Information.
What is ABS ?
It stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, it is commonly used thermoplastic. It is expensive as production of 1 Kg of ABS requires 2Kg of raw petroleum products and energy.ABS can be recycled and is minimum affected with chemicals present in hospital. At MES we uses imported ABS panels for Hospital Furniture.
What is LED ?
Light Emitting Diodes, small electronic components which delivers light when supplied small dc bias voltages. MES manufacturers LED based Phototherapy and OT lights.Life of LED;s are much more and power consumptions is also very low. In future LED ‘s are bound to replace all conventional light and energy sources due to its eco-friendliness.
What is CFL ?
Compact Fluorescent Tubes , very commonly used these days , they are better than older tube lights but less efficient than LED’s. MES also offers Phototherapy units based on CFL’s for its customers.
What is the minimum order/ MOQ that we can place?
We respect all orders irrespective of value or quantity. We understand that Hospital Furniture and Medical Equipment Industry is a high mix low Volume Industry so no manufacturer in this sector can expect MOQ restrictions. However there are practical limitations at manufacturing set up. We invite you to discuss your requirements to our sales executive. We can also supply samples on paid basis enabling you to ascertain quality.
What is your payment terms ?
All payment are accepted in INR or USD, unless otherwise specified in the quotation sent to you. We give the following options for payment:
Part Payment in Advance : For volume orders, we expect 40 % value in advance. Balance payment is payable against work-progress. Also delivery can be negotiated through Bank documents for domestic buyers.

Full Payment in Advance : This method is most convenient for orders as it minimizes the bank charges involved in other methods of payment. You may send payment by sending via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Wire Transfer to our Bankers. This is specially useful for foreign buyers and exports.
What is Normal Delivery Period for MES products ?
Generally it varies as per Production Schedules , however we can undertake to supply within 4-6 weeks for Normal orders. For Bulk orders it is decided after studying the requirements.
Please give some information on Shipping mode and charges?
Normal mode of shipment is – “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight”. However we also use Air Post Parcel, Sea Post Parcel, Courier, Railways , By Road etc. upon special requests from customers. It is your option to ask for prices inclusive of shipping costs or we can send the goods on “Freight To Pay basis”. The shipping charges vary according to the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. FOB rates are quoted if you inform us the exact quantity, destination and mode of dispatch preferred by you.
How LEDS based Photo therapy & OT lights are better ?
LED’s are long lasting light sources with minimum heat and works on very low power .It consumes very low electricity and generates minimum heat. LED’s are environment friendly. LED’s are proven better light sources for use in medical equipments. MES manufacturers LED’s based Photo therapy and OT lights.
What is Baby Bassinets?
A trolley used to keep baby under phototherapy or under a heater source in radiant heat warmer.
What is role of ABG in a ICU ?
Arterial Blood Gas Analysers is used to check blood gaseous and other important parameters of the blood to see efficacy of ventilating unit and it’s modes. MES supplies ABG with Ventilators.
All Patient Monitors looks same, what is important to ask while buying?
After sales service capability of selling company, recurring cost of accessories , quality certificates are important to check. MES offers OEM/ODM based imported Patient Monitors.
What is infusion pump ?
A device used to infuse drugs at select rate based on volume, body weight, Time Interval.
What are types of Infusion pumps ?
Mainly two types - Syringe Infusion Pump , and Volumetric Infusion pump –which works on IV drips.
What is important factor to consider before buying Medical Equipment?
Quality should be first consideration followed by after sales services , Value for money, Recurring Cost.
What is Electro-Surgery Unit / Surgical Diathermy / Cautery ?
Electro Surgery Unit or Surgical Diathermy is a machine which generates High Frequency current and allowed to pass through needle like Electrode to generate heating / rupture effect for cutting Purposes. Modulated RF waves are used for sealing/ coagulation purposes.MES manufacturers Electro Surgery Cautery best in its class.
Do you manufacturer Electro Surgery Unit/ Surgical Diathermy/ Cautery ?
We are manufacturer for 3 Models of Electro Surgery Unit for last 7 years . One of our Promoter Rajesh Khatri is a Medical Electronics Engineer who have worked with numerous brands of Indian and imported Cauteries for more than 20 years. Our Designing associates are from leading Cautery manufacturers of India.
FAQ’s about Medical / Lung Ventilators .
What is Medical or Lung Ventilator ?
A medical Equipment substitute for breathing in case of part or full failure of respiratory system. A Ventilators delivers breadth to patient either as per setting done by doctor or as per efforts taken by patient.MES offers complete range of Ventilators.
Ventilator works on air or Oxygen?
Practically on both as for long term oxygen alone can not be delivered. All Modern Ventilators works with inbuilt blender.
What is source for Air for Medical or Lung Ventilators ?
1. By Compressor : A equipment which converts atmospheric air into compressed air and delivers it to ventilator .
2. By Turbine : It is a arrangement of compressor and engine for delivering condensed free air by burning it.
3. Ambient Air : Modern Ventilators have trap valve which by Venturi Effects sucks ambient air and delivers to patient .
Which is better source of Air for Ventilators – Compressor or Turbine ?
Both are having pros & cons , comes with liabilities , due to heating arrangement in turbine life of it is lesser comparatively .Turbine offers condensed free air and small in size so easily portable. Use of humidifier is recommended with turbine. It is comparatively expensive to own and maintain turbines. However many advanced Ventilators takes ambient air.
Which is widely used with Ventilator ?
Number of companies promoting compressor with Ventilators are more , out of 20 companies studied 14 are using compressor with their ventilators.
Which ( Compressor or turbine ) is better with Ventilator ?
Clinically no authenticated research paper is available to prove either way. Both are sources of compressed air .
Pressure OR Volume Controlled Ventilation , which is best ?
No research paper is available to prove either way. Both modes of ventilation comes with pros and cons. However in case of Neo-nates positive pressure ventilation modes are considered beneficial.
What is Emergency & Transport Ventilator ?
A ventilator suitable for transport as well as long term critical care , It can be used with inbuilt or external blender , most advanced Ventilator delivers 35-100 % Oxygen with inbuilt blenders and that too with ambient air only. Being Transport and Emergency Ventilator it can be worked with Oxygen Cylinder Only.No need of Extra Bulky Compressor .
What is most important point in Considering Transport Ventilator ?
Weight of Ventilator is most important parameters , ideal Ventilators are about 3 Kg of weight for easy portability and mobilizing patient in any mode of transport.
What a standard Ventilator consists of ?
It consists of sources for oxygen, air. A blender for mixing oxygen with air. A Humidifier for moistening the gases to be delivered to patient .A electric energy source to drive the unit.
What is Blender ?
A device which mixes oxygen with air in any ratio 21 % to 100 %.
What is Exhalation Valve ?
A devices fitted outside the ventilator , used for measuring exhaled parameters and pressure variations. For more accuracy different types of Expiratory valves are available.
What is recurring cost in case of Ventilator ?
Recurred accessories / consumables are - Patient circuits , bacteria filters, cost of exhalation valve after certain usage hours, cost of oxygen and consumption of electricity, cost of oxygen cell after certain usage hours.
What is difference between portable & ICU Ventilator ?
ICU ventilators are designed for long hours usage comes with separate port for air & oxygen, requires blender. ICU ventilator comes with displays for graphs and loops and have comprehensive alarms and parameters to control .Modern Transport and Emergency Ventilators are available these days which works for various causes.
What is weaning ?
It is a process by which reducing of dependency of patient on the ventilator and gradually coming out of the ventilator successfully happens.
Which Modes of Ventilation is best ?
It is similar to which car is best to drive and in which gear mode . A bad driver can spoil most expensive car and an expert can take advantage of normal car. Time to time large companies spent lots of amount to promote their own developed Models.
What is Nasal CPAP ?
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure ) delivered through nasal prongs. This mode is found to be very effective in Neo-natology.
What is BASIC requirements of a Neo-natal Ventilator ?
Precise and safe limit control of tidal volume & pressure delivered. Inbuilt Nebulisation , Nasal CPAP, SIMV mode preferably with pressure support and pressure control, minimal response time of valve , extreme sensitive triggering mechanism.
What is triggering in Ventilator ?
Recognition of patient efforts to breathe of it’s own. It may be pressure triggered or flow triggered .
Which mode of triggering is best in Ventilator ?
Modern Ventilator comes with both option – pressure as well as flow triggering. In most advanced Ventilators both modes of triggering can be applied simultaneously.
Should we buy refurbished Ventilator ?
If it comes with recognized seal offer by few MNC ‘s and large organizations, also if actual working hours are confirmed. Also necessary is that refurbished Ventilators must not be seriously infected. In India MDRA (Medical Device Regulation Act -2005 ) when implemented would curb menace of junk –refurbished equipment.
How old / years after manufacturing may be refurbished Ventilator in India?
Sometimes even Ventilators introduced and manufactured in 1970 & 80 ‘s were sold to ignorant users in 2010. As Technology evolves fast so how a Ventilator discarded 10-15 years before in any of Developed country can be useful to under –developed / developing country patient.
Do all countries import refurbished Ventilator ?
As per WHO documents available on net , more than 100 countries in world have banned use of refurbished ventilators/medical equipments.
What is the role of calibration in Ventilator ?
It is very much critical to ensure calibration of Ventilator at manufacturing and later on while it is in use , after certain usage hours .As per MDRA calibration of crtical care Medical Equipments are Compulsory.
Do refurbished Ventilator comes very cheap?
Not necessarily , In India many suppliers are selling very old ventilators at exorbitant prices, no standard uniform prices are followed. Sometimes what appears cheap in initial stages proves to be very costly in long term.
How best is deal in case of refurbished Ventilator ?
A 20 years old Ventilator is still expensive , even if offered free of cost. As there are serious infection and calibration issues. Critical-life saving devices can not be used unless sure of performance & calibration.
What is CPAP, BIPAP, ?
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure , Bi (Two ) levels Positive Airway Pressures
What is Non-Invasive Ventilation ?
When patient is ventilated with outside mask put on face. In Modern Science Non-Invasive Ventilation is considered one of the most required modes of Ventilation.MES offers Ventilators which have got all modern modes of Ventilation including Non-Invasive Ventilation.
What is Invasive Ventilation ?
When endo-tracheal tube is inserted in body for Ventilation.
What is Mandatory Breath.?
A breath initiated and controlled by machine.
What is Spontaneous Breath ?
A breath initiated and controlled by patient.
What is SIMV ?
Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation., It is mode used for Weaning.
What is Ventilator Analyser / Tester ?
Ventilator Analyser or tester is a software based device to check or anlayse Ventilators performance. It checks consistency and accuracy of all the parameters delivered to patient. Modern Ventilator Tester when connected to Personal Computers can give graphs and values of all critical parameters.MES offers unique type of Ventilator Tester and Analyser which can be used to check all makes of Ventilator .For more details mail us at
Where Ventilator Tester / Analyser can be used ?
A Ventilator Tester or analyser can be used in various applications including Calibration and maintenance Services. Ventilator Analyser is very useful tool for Bio-Medical Engineers and Doctors to evaluate any Ventilator in use. MES offers a Ventilator Analyser which can be used for various applications. For more details mail us at
Can a Ventilator be operated remotely by Internet ?
MES offers a Ventilator and Ventilator Analyser when combined to-gether , Ventilator can be managed , operated remotely/ by internet . For more details mail us at